Holly Herndon: Home (2014)

Pretty psyched that Herndon has been working with Metahaven.

Unrest: Isabel (1993)

Today took an oddly nostalgic NoVa turn and that landed me on the Teen Beat YouTube channel.


4TEN: 토네이도 [Tornado] (2014) 

Started a new side blog documenting foreign pop videos that were shot in Los Angeles.

Tommy De Chirico: Flower into the Factory (1983)

Kiesza live at The Roxy
Los Angeles — 26 August 2014
She’s the real deal. Can’t wait for the album to come out.

Kiesza live at The Roxy

Los Angeles — 26 August 2014

She’s the real deal. Can’t wait for the album to come out.

Running Up That Hill (2014)

[The video of this I reblogged earlier was taken down and I couldn’t update the link, so I’m posting it again. For posterity (as long as this link lasts).]



What a cohesively edited hour documentary about the enthralling Kate Bush. Even the interviews stand out, like from Natasha Khan and Annie Clark. 

Didn’t intend to watch an hour long documentary at midnight, but, hey, I did, and I don’t regret it.


Team Syachihoko: I Kurashi [Good Living] (2014)

Whoa. Does this sample D-Mob’s We Call It Acieed?


Makes sense if, as mbmelodies says, the producer mainly makes acid house tracks when not working for a major label.

Hard Corps: Je Suis Passée (1985)

Posted a live performance of this song a long time ago. Was listening to it again tonight and can’t help but post it again. So, so very good.

R.L. Kelly: Life’s a Bummer (2013)

Skipped the Orchid Tapes showcase because that felt like more of that scene than I could reasonable handle (I’m getting old), but I do need to see R.L. Kelly live at some point here.

Portishead: Glory Box [karaoke version] (1994)

To say that Dummy was a huge part of the soundtrack to my high school experience* is somewhat of an understatement. A little hard to believe that was all 20 years ago.

Was also surprised, while searching for new videos for a karaoke event I co-host, how great of a karaoke song this is. Perhaps the ultimate 90s torch song? (And by “90s torch song” I of course mean one that is by turns defiant, ambivalent, tortured.)

* probably only surpassed by Honey’s Dead and the various output of Nine Inch Nails

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