Yelle: Complètement Fou (2014)

Getting pretty excited about seeing her/them in concert again in a few weeks.

Kleerup feat. Susanne Sundfør: Let Me In (2014)


Maxwell Cavaseno: This is the best SSQ song ever. The bad guy in the movie this is soundtracking is totally accidentally swerving off the cliff and blowing up, I guarantee you. 

Pretty much. (Well, okay, I still prefer Synthicide. But this is pretty darn good too.)

Crayon Pop: C’mon C’mon (2014)

So I have nothing against all the Kpop that uses brostep or trap or whatever as its template. That’s cool too. But, if it really wants to tug at my heartstrings, more Italo disco please. Thank you.

Side note: I very rarely like the Korean soundtrack songs I hear (so many treacly ballads!), but this is the second one from Crayon Pop that’s been great! (The prior one being Hey Mister, from Trot Lovers.)

Side note 2: Am I the only one who thought Crayon Pop wasn’t going to get much farther than the brilliance that was Bar Bar Bar? But they’ve really gone on to become one of the most interesting Kpop groups, as far as I’m concerned — experimenting with different styles, while maintaining a distinct personality of their own. Hope they manage to keep it up!

Radio Soulwax: Cherry Moon on Valium mix (2011)


"Even though these Belgian records sound very ‘now,’ they are actually 20 years old and were meant to be played at a much, much faster speed. At the time this was the devil’s music for us, but we have learned to listen through the claps and distorted kicks and discovered that if you slow these really dark and heavy techno records down all the way to about 115 bpm, it suddenly makes them sound less frantic, ballsier and a lot sexier. Belgium at its best when pitched down."


Opera Multi Steel: Jardin Botanique (1984)

Holly Herndon: Home (2014)

Pretty psyched that Herndon has been working with Metahaven.

Unrest: Isabel (1993)

Today took an oddly nostalgic NoVa turn and that landed me on the Teen Beat YouTube channel.


4TEN: 토네이도 [Tornado] (2014) 

Started a new side blog documenting foreign pop videos that were shot in Los Angeles.

Tommy De Chirico: Flower into the Factory (1983)

Kiesza live at The Roxy
Los Angeles — 26 August 2014
She’s the real deal. Can’t wait for the album to come out.

Kiesza live at The Roxy

Los Angeles — 26 August 2014

She’s the real deal. Can’t wait for the album to come out.

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