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Traditional and Milbitron: untitled work in progress (2011)

Yeah, between working and having somewhat of a personal life lately (which is weird and wonderful and weird), still way too busy to spend much time on the internet. Probably won’t be hearing from me all that often any time soon.

But a friend is visiting from NY this week and we’ve been making some music. This is just the very beginning of something, but I like where it’s going.

Remember what I said about “the synthpop I’m supposed to be making”?

Traditional: Untitled (0136) (2011)

Now that I have a copy of Live that doesn’t crash every five minutes (i.e. a non-pirated version), I’ve been slowly learning how to actually, you know, use it. Today I focused on drum racks and the sampler. Here’s what I came up with — using an old recording of mine, an analog synth, and a bucket (as well as a few of Live’s built-in drum samples).